Workshops I offer are a positive learning-by-doing experience. They follow the Kolb Cycle: “experience – reflection – generalization – application”. There is no passive participation in workshops. You will learn and experience acting on decisions, facing consequences, and inquiring about possibilities. These workshops bring you to a virtual reality of your problems – problems that will be separated from their symptoms and that will be correctly defined and resolved in an enjoyable, dynamic manner. You will apply experience and knowledge that may lead to a mentoring relationship or consulting. This approach opens doors to life-long learning.

Most projects carried out by companies do not meet time and cost expectations. They do not bring expected results.
Just a back of an envelope estimate: How much will you save if you reduce the rate of unsuccessful projects by 10%? Compare that cost to the costs of the workshop.

Buy-in to learning!

The benefits when you decide to use the Gate-Stage Like System:

  • risk and cost reduction (no investment of resources into projects that will not bring gains), and improvement of the competitive position,
  • more discipline in the process of project development, which otherwise becomes chaotic,
  • ability to assess employees more transparently, and the chance to check accountability of the decisions they make,
  • focus on quality and real market needs,
  • a comprehensive evaluation of projects from a variety of perspectives,
  • reduction of ‘critical’ mistakes.

What will your employees gain when you adopt the System?

  • reduction of the number and the intensity of conflicts,
  • more satisfaction, stability, and a sense of working together for real gains that will improve motivation to work productively,
  • increased transparency in the assessment of their work, commitment, and results. 

This 16-hour-long workshop addresses the selection of successful projects. This workshop is dedicated to managers at all levels, from any department of the company, and project leaders who want to:

  • improve their management skills, personal competencies, and decision-making capability;
  • participate in the process of evaluation and selection of projects carried out in any company.

Acceptance of the training objectives are critical to success in your learning. An atmosphere of fun and relaxation is essential to motivate participants to gain new experience, recognize new values and the advantages of a variety of methods, perspectives, and achieve satisfaction.

The workshop covers exploration of concepts in such areas as:

  • Critical factors that contribute to success and failure of the idea or project,
  • The Gate-Stage Like System, its principles and detailed activities related to each stage and each gate,
  • Project Portfolio Management methods,
  • Development and implementation of a Gate-Stage Like System.

The four group exercises used in this workshop expand horizons. You will be introduced to methods that can be used in order to select the best projects, and will provide practical skills for how to act in real conditions. Within its time and financial limits, the workshop provides guidance and an introduction to the skills needed to select projects efficiently and, most importantly, effectively.